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X-Plane Extreme iPhone Application: Enjoy the Toughest X-Plane Games on Your iPhone

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Release Date: 28th January 2009

Seller: Laminar Research © 2009, Laminar Research

Price: $9.99

X-Plane Extreme is undoubtedly the most difficult and complicated X-Plane games developed for the iPhone platform. If you are tired of playing the simple X-Plane games that doesn’t offer much action or thrill, then it is guaranteed that you will find the X-Plane Extreme iPhone application to be the ideal game for you to play on your iPhone. iPhone mobile application developers have created this awesome application with tricky levels and complicated game control in order to offer you unlimited action and adventure.

X-Plane Extreme application was released on January 28, 2009 and is one of the costliest games available in the iTunes App Store. Although, buying a gaming application with $9.99 might seem too much initially, but as you start playing the game, you will find it to be worth every penny.

The X-Plane Extreme Aircrafts

iPhone developer have exceeded in creating 4 strangest, fastest and maneuverable planes of all time. Moreover, each and every plane is equipped with unique features and control systems. The F-22, B-1, B2 and SR-71 are three different planes featured in the X-Plane Extreme application that requires different techniques to fly.

* F-22 Raptor is the most powerful and maneuverable fighter plane featured in this application. The speed of F-22 ranges from 0 to 1,000 knots. The best part of this Raptor is that to steer the craft, the thrust vectors move up and down. This enables the Raptor nose to pitch up and down, even at the lowest speed (0). The craft can further hang motionless in mid air on engine, but as you chop its power, you loose control over the plane and it looses the lift.

* The Bone Bomber B-1 features full-span flaps, spoilers that are used for roll control and deflecting all-moving stabilators to help in roll controlling. The huge flaps, multiple roll control and heavy weight do not affect the speed or roll rate of the craft. Fly B-1 only above 500 knots or else the craft will crash down like a falling bird.

* The B-2 Jet Bomber has a complete different look and features. The craft doesn’t have a vertical or horizontal stabilizer, flaps or tail. Multiple flight controls and a fly-by-wire system are used for controlling the craft.

* The SR-71 Blackbird is the fastest aircraft that has over Mach-3 speed and can fly at 70,000 feet above the ground. It not only the fastest plane, but is the most difficult to handle and fly. You need a lot of practice to fly the SR-71.

On the X-Plane Extreme game, you fly these aircrafts with realistic physics through the mountains and canyons, which creates a rather realistic experience for the players.

However, with all these amazing features and impressive graphics, X-Plane Extreme application has gained popularity among worldwide iPhone users. So, what are you waiting for? Get the application installed on your iPhone and enjoy playing the most difficult X-Plane games on your iPhone.

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