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Westward iPhone Application: Get the Unique Experience of the Wild West!

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Release Date: 4th March 2009

Seller: Handmark, Inc. © 2002-2009 Sandlot Games Corporation. 2008-2009 Astraware Limited

Price: $4.99

The exciting and extremely addictive Westward iPhone game offers iPhone users a unique opportunity to experience the life of a Frontier settler living amid the wild, tumble and rough environment of the Westward. Handmark Inc. has created the Westward application based on a very popular PC game. Westward is basically a fun filled strategy game that can keep you glued to your PC and now to your iPhone for hours. Released in 26th January 2009, the application has already become popular among iPhone users of all age group across the globe. The application is featured in the App Store under the paid game application category. The price of this application ($4.99) might seem to be a little high initially, but as you start playing the game, you will surely find it worth every penny.

The Gameplay

On this gaming application, you play as a hero, leader and rescuer. You can build new thriving towns, explore the dense forest, undiscovered plains and rocky canyons. As the leader, you provide security and guidance to the settlers and ensure them success in every way. Along with the power to control the destiny of the Wild West, you further need to manage your resources and at the same time fight with natural disasters like drought and fire. The game becomes complicated as you proceed. The “Mad Russian”, is a fraud who cheats the settlers by snatching their life savings. You need to trail his movements, capture him and bring him to justice before he cheats someone else.

Features of the Westward Gaming Application

The Westward application is indeed one of the simplest, yet exciting gaming applications developed for the iPhone platform. Here is a list of the basic features of the Westward iPhone application:

· As the leading man and the controller of the town, you need to guide the settlers to build communities and make camps for themselves.

· The application features 4 different locations and more than 20 exciting levels.

· It further features additional levels in order to provide some extra fun.

· You can create and also customize the town with more than 25 different types of buildings.

· The application further offers unique and original music soundtracks that add to the excitement of the game.

So, if you are really looking forward to have some fun and adventure on your iPhone, then get the application installed on to the device and start playing the fascinating Westward gaming application NOW!

For iPhone developer, designing games for the iPhone platform is not so difficult, but to make it successful and popular is where the challenge lies. To find more exciting and unique iPhone games, you can search though the iTunes App Store and download the applications on to your iPhone.

Pros: Amazing graphics, unique gameplay, authentic music soundtrack; these are all the features that make Westward one of the best gaming application in the App Store.

Cons: One of the very few drawbacks of the Westward app is that it is a bit hard on the battery. So it is better to play the game when your iPhone has full charge or when you are in a position to charge it. Another problem that users face is the screen size of the application.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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