Friday, February 20, 2009

iSpot the Diffrence - Photo Hunt Game: Tap the Differences and Win the Game!

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Release Date: 19th February 2009

Seller: Myounggun Han © Kevin Han

Price: $0.99

iSpot the Difference is undoubtedly one of the most popular games that everybody enjoys playing in their spare times. But, now a day people don’t get much time to sit with a magazine or newspaper to enjoy few minuets playing this entertaining classic family photo hunt game. With the launch of the incredible iSpot the Difference – Photo Hunt Game application, you can play the pencil on paper Spot the Difference game for hours and hours. The iSpot the Difference – Photo Hunt Game exactly duplicates the original version; only you will have to use your finger instead of a pencil to point the differences.

Released on 19th Feb, 2009, the free gaming application is already being widely appreciated by iPhone users from all over the world. The iSpot the Difference application is basically a web based game that you can access from Safari on your iPhone. iPhone developer have used the touch-screen technology of the device to develop the game control. You can spot and mark the differences simply by tapping the screen. On this application, you need to scan two similar images and spot 5 differences between them within a limited span of time.

The iSpot the Difference – Photo Hunt Game Features:

• You are awarded point for each correct spot you point.
• The application features 3 hints that will help to identify the differences. But using each hint would deduct points from your account. On the other hand, you will be awarded with Extra Hint Bonus for each unused hints.
• Points are further deducted, when you make incorrect guesses.
• There are up to 204 game levels featured in this application.
• The application features 3 different categories; General, People and Christmas.
• The time limit reduces every time you reach the next level and also when you make mistakes.
• The built-in global leader board records the highest scores of worldwide players.

So, if you really want the classic Spot the Difference game on your iPhone, then get the iSpot the Difference – Photo Hunt Game application downloaded from the iTunes App Store and start playing now!

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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