Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Perfect Wine Cellar to Keep in Your Pocket!

Category: Lifestyle

Release Date: 24th March 2009

Seller: Drync LLC © 2008

Price: $3.99

Drync Wine, the awesome iPhone lifestyle application gives you the finest opportunity to keep an entire virtual cellar of 800,000 wines inside your pocket. The Drync Wine application is one of the top selling and probably the best wine application ever developed for the iPhone platform. The Drync Wine application allows you to find the exact wine, view ratings and reviews of wine experts, add favorite wines to your Virtual Cellar list and also provides you the outstanding opportunity to buy the product. You can buy the Drync Wine application from the iTunes Store with $3.99. Initially the price might seem to be too high, but as you start using it, you will find its price to be absolutely justified.

What You Can Do

On the Drync Wine iPhone application, you can do a lot of things that you could not have imagined doing on other similar applications. iPhone developer have designed this application in order to make wine searching easier for users. You can find and track a wine on this virtual cellar, within few seconds. Add few notes to it, take a picture of the label, rate the wine and save the information for future references. By doing a thorough research on different reviews provided by wine experts, viewing ratings and making comparison of its market value, you can make up your mind as, which one you would buy as a present for your loved one. One of the best things about this application is that, you can actually make a purchase through this application.

Basic Features of Drync Wine Application

• Search wine
• Details of wines including vintage, price range, style, varietal, regions etc.
• Reviews and ratings by wine experts
• Taking photograph of wine labels
• Adding wines to Virtual Cellar
• Sharing wine information with friends
• Integrated Twitter access
• Wine Buying facility

Unlike the other iPhone wine applications, Drync Wine is a complete powerful search and discovery tool, which helps you to track wine from any part of the world. Easy user interface and absolutely one source authentic information has made Drync Wine one of the best and popular wine applications on iPhone.

To check out the Tap & Track app, click on the iTunes App Store link bellow:

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  1. Margareth,

    Thank you for the nice review! We are working hard to make drink an indispensable tool for wine lovers. Keep your eye out for our next release, due in a few weeks. It's packed with great new features our users have been asking for.

    Again, thank you.

    -The Drync Team

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