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Photogene iPhone Application: Edit Your Photos from Anywhere, at anytime!

Category: Photography

Release Date: 1st March 2009

Seller: Omer Shoor © Omer Shoor

Price: $2.99

With the Photogene iPhone application, you can have all the fun with your digital photos. The application features a comprehensive range of really professional tools for editing, which would help you to edit a photo on your iPhone. This spontaneous and easy to use Photogene application won the editor’s choice award by PC magazine and is considered as one of the top 100 iPhone apps by the iLounge magazine. On this application you can do a lot of things in order to improve a photograph; rotate, mirror, crop or straighten a titled photo, adjust color balance, add text bubbles, frames or shapes etc.

This amazing photo-editing iPhone application is the
best photography application featured in the App Store.You can buy the Photogene application from the iTunes App Store with $2.99 and directly launch it on to your iPhone. iPhone developer have designed the Photogene application with a very easy and simple user interface in order to make it convenient for all iPhone users.

What You Can Do on Photogene

This outstanding iPhone photography application offers you a range of awesome editing tools.

Crop Mode: The crop mode allows you to crop an image and remove the unwanted sections.

Rotate Mode: This mode supports rotation (clockwise/ anti clockwise) and flip (vertical/ horizontal).

Sharpen Mode: Sharpens blurred images.

Color Adjustment Mode: Allows you to make color adjustment (manually/ automatically). This mode includes color adjustment, level adjustment and special effects.

Symbol Modes: This mode allows you to add text bubbles and other shapes to the image. You can further resize, change color and change location of the added symbols.

Frame Mode: The frame mode features different types of frames that you can add to your image.

• Redo and Undo Button (undo/ redo multiple actions)

• Save Button (save the image in your iPhone photo library)

• You can further zoom in and out and move the image on your iPhone screen.

With all these features and more Photogene, has undoubtedly become one of the most popular and downloaded photography applications available on the iPhone platform.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link

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  1. I saw this one reviewed over at and they seemed to like it as well. Isn't there a free program, though, that does all the same things as Photogene? I would think that in the crowded iPhone app marketplace, there would be some free offering that outperformed this in some ways..

  2. This is the 1st app I use after taking a photo. I like the way the crop tool works, the way I can resize the pic with a pinch to fine-tune the crop. The levels & color are my next stop. Then a quick save & I'm ready to post. Unless I need to tweak further with other "daily" apps ;) Thanks!
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