Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Turn Your iPhone into an Air Mouse and a Wireless Remote with the Air Mouse Pro Application!

Category: Utility

Release Date: 4th February 2009 (upgraded version released on 2nd March 2009)

Seller: RPA Tech, INC © 2009 RPA Technology

Price: $5.99

Sit back in your comfortable couch and surf the web, browse through the photo library and control your music system all with your iPhone. Want to know how? Simply go to the iTunes App Store and buy the Air Mouse Pro application with $5.99 and get it installed on to your iPhone. This amazing application turns your iPhone into a wireless in air remote control for your computer. Released in 4th Feb, 2009, the Air Mouse Pro iPhone application is so far one of the most useful Utility application available in the App Store.iPhone developer have designed this application in a way to fully utilize the built-in accelerometer of the iPhone. The application uses the accelerometer to translate the hand movements into movements of a computer mouse on the iPhone screen. It further allows you to use your iPhone as a trackpad, with which you can control your personal computer by using only one finger. This unique and outstanding Air Mouse Pro application provides a single screen controlling system from where you can control all your web applications as well as all media.

Features of Air Mouse Pro: Unique and Extraordinary

Following are some of the best and unique features of the Air Mouse Pro application:

• Air mouse with motion sensor

• Touch pad for media keys/ web keys/ modifier keys

• Remote keyboard with all the keyboard functions and arrow keys

• Scroll pads

• Left/ right mouse buttons

• Application notification

• Multi-touch movements including scroll and right click

• Keyboards supporting foreign language

• On screen typing facility

• Password protection for security

• The application supports static IP or Bonjour

• Multiple monitor support

In order to enjoy the benefits of the Air Mouse Pro application, you need to have certain features; Mac OS X 10.4 or above, Windows XP/ Vista, WiFi router and last but not the least the Air Mouse Server Software.

So, if you have all these and want to use your iPhone for multi purpose, then get the Air Mouse Pro application downloaded onto your iPhone and turn your iPhone into an air mouse and wireless remote.

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