Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yahoo abandons Blackberry apps to focus on apps for Apple’s iPhone and browser-based software

The news of Yahoo giving up its mobile app development for the Blackberry once again reconfirms the fact that Apple’s iPhone still rules the platform of mobile phone applications. According to a report in TechCrunch - on May 20th, Yahoo declared that they will not further develop applications for the Blackberry; instead would fully focus on developing applications to run on the iPhone platform. Well, this is in fact, very good news for worldwide iPhone users, as they can now get a chance to explore more of the amazing applications developed by Yahoo, one of the world’s leading search engines.  

Yahoo Mobile was last updated in the month of April with quite a number of features like e-mail, IM, mobile search, social messaging streams etc along with different personalized content of Yahoo such as news, stocks, sports and RSS feeds. Yahoo plans to devote all its resources on iPhone related and browser centric development. However, the company has also said that it will further develop apps for other platforms as soon as there is high demand.  

In February, Yahoo totally overhauled its Mobile Service by repackaging and re-branding some of their existing assets and phasing out few others. Even though in April the company announced the new version to be a browser-based service that could be accessed from over 300 mobile handsets, it was presented in a unique app for the iPhone platform. Since then, Yahoo has already issued an update for the iPhone app. The app ranks no. 1 in the News category and no. 80 in the App Store list of top 100 free apps.  

Yahoo further maintains a separate Yahoo! Messenger and a simple yet amazing web search and news application known as Inquisitor. Both these apps are available in the App Store for free.  

In an e-mail to the developers who applied for working on apps for the Blackberry handset the company stated: "We are reprioritizing some products to help us better deliver the best possible experiences to consumers on mobile,"…"To streamline our services, we will not develop Yahoo! Mobile for smartphones to focus our efforts on mobilizing Yahoo!, improving Yahoo! Mobile for web and Yahoo! Mobile for iPhone as well as developing new and engaging experiences for consumers, partners and advertisers." 

In March, Yahoo! Mobile chief Adam Taggart said: "We are embracing both, apps and browser. We as Yahoo are all about ubiquity," Taggart said. "We have a renewed appreciation for the browser because they are getting materially better, but you can always do more with an app on your phone. In the immediate time frame you will see a lot more standalone vertical apps coming out of Yahoo." He further added: "The smartphone app is a way to turn your smartphone into an iPhone at no additional cost, if you are envying the iPhone,"

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