Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things to Remember While Outsourcing Your iPhone Apps

With the wildfire success of Apple’s App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform, creating and developing iPhone applications has become the latest craze of the mobile phone industry and the mantra of every iPhone developer. Well, coming up with the idea of an application and actually designing it to run flawlessly on the device are two equally important but, very different things. Most people tend to outsource their ideas and design apps from third party iPhone app developers.

In this article, you will find some of the basic tips that you must keep in mind while outsourcing your iPhone apps.
A professional approach from the beginning is something essential for any business dealings. Make sure you share a very professional relationship with your developer in order to extract the best from them, both in terms of timeline and quality of your final project.

When hiring a developer, make sure you make the right decision. Do not choose a developer solely based on the price he is demanding. When you post your project on the sites where developers bid for projects, it surely becomes easier for you to pick the developer who is willing to give you the lowest price. But, remember, that the developer might be offering a low price just to get your project. So, it is best for you to judge your iPhone app developers based on their portfolio and feedback.

Communication is the third most important thing you should take care of while outsourcing your apps. Provide your developer with as many details as possible about your app. Make sure let your developer know what exactly you want your app to be like including its design, function, appearance etc.

Getting an early version of the application is a part of its development process. This allows you to test your app and demand for further modifications, if required. But make sure that the first version you get is not the basic version – which wouldn’t help you to understand what the final app will appear like.

It is very normal that there will be few mistakes and bugs in the first or second iteration. So, be very careful while you test it. Make sure you point out every defect in the app and ask the developer to make the required changes.

When you have got the final iteration of your application, it is quite natural that your attention would completely get diverted to getting the app into the App Store. But as a good and professional client, it is your duty to leave an appropriate feedback about the app to the developers. This will not only help you to build up a healthy relationship, but will also add value to their profile, which would surely help them in future.

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