Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Success of Apple App Store Drives the Application Marketing Trend

The success of the App Store of App Inc. and the huge application marketplace has indeed opened up a new horizon for advertisers. It has become one of the biggest platforms for advertising. Experts and market analysts are predicting that, within five years the number of application store users will exceed 5 million. No matter, whether it’s television, airport lounge, subways, shopping malls or other public areas; advertisement will follow wherever there is innovation. And without a doubt it has spread over the iPhone platform like wild-fire.

The first reason behind this is the huge success of the Apple iPhone. This success has indeed changed the way people thought of mobile phones and the way they used them. This victory has further helped to increase the number of mobile application downloads as well as smart phone browsing.

A recent In-Stat report said, “The App Store Is Born: Smartphones Enable New Marketing and Advertising Opportunities Worldwide”. Further it discussed the different opportunities that mobile advertising on smartphone browsers can bring. However, the report says that is the beginning of a new age advertising way known as “application marketing”. In-Stat also assumes that within a period of five years the number of mobile application users will reach 100 million.

It is a very well-known fact that the Apple App Store has been leading this trend of application downloads from the beginning. It is because of the unparallel effort and dedication of all application development companies and every individual iPhone developer that the App Store today has more than 25,000 unique applications to offer to its worldwide users and thus has received more than 800 million downloads within a time span of 8 months

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