Monday, April 6, 2009

PhoneBook: Makes Calling Easier from Your iPhone

The new iPhone app, PhoneBook makes calling so much easier that you will simply love it. The application allows you to make calls to your most important contacts with few simple taps. PhoneBook automatically plugs into your AT&T account and dynamically rearranges your contact list depending on how frequently you make call to those numbers. According to the users as well as iPhone developer, PhoneBook is undoubtedly one of the coolest apps created on this platform. The app makes calling easier, simpler and faster from your iPhone.

How it Works?

So, want to know how it works? Well, after entering the information of your carrier account, the app retrieves all your call data and uses it to update your friend list, so that you can easily dial the number of your friends, who you call the most. On PhoneBook you can do a lot of things that you couldn’t do on other similar apps until now. For instance, you can use the Facebook Connect feature of the application to import and assign photos with your friend’s contact numbers. One of the best features of PhoneBook is that the app allows you to keep a track on the duration of the phone calls you make. This way you can end the call at the right time and never get charged for extra minutes.

However, some people consider PhoneBook to be another general iPhone app that makes calling simple and easier from iPhone. But according to most of the users, developers as well as iPhone application analysts, PhoneBook has a more practical usability than any of the similar apps, which makes it enticing and convenient. One of the only drawbacks of PhoneBook is that the app is not available in all the iTunes App Store.

Now it is absolutely upon you to decide how you would rate the application. Well, if you ask me, it would always be in favor of the app. As a regular iPhone user, I surely consider PhoneBook to be one of the most convenient applications that I have used on my iPhone.

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