Monday, April 6, 2009

iPhone App Development: Is it the Ladder of Success?

Since the release of Apple’s iPhone SDK early last year, iPhone developer across the world have seen huge success of the iPhone and the iTunes App Store. Every single iPhone developer as well as companies has made huge profit over the past one and a half years. Many companies have reconstructed their target and focused on the Apple’s programming environment for developing software for the iPhone platform.

The success of iPhone and the App Store has opened up new horizon for the developers and programmers. It has led many new developers to the road of overnight success. According to a recent survey, it was declared that Ethan Nicolas, the creator of very popular iShoot application had reportedly earned $600,000 in revenue in a month.

The Cons

However, there have been cases where some developers were highly disappointed when there work did not receive any acknowledgement. Even though iPhone app developers across the world have gone too far to create innovative applications and invested good amount in designing the apps, numerous applications have been rejected by Apple and many other are still waiting for approval. Some of the companies as well individuals have waited for months before there apps were approved or even rejected.

However, there has been a mixed reaction among the users and developers regarding the success of iPhone and the App Store. In spite of this controversy, the number of people who are in favor of considering the iPhone platform to be the ladder of success is by far much more than the number of people contradicting the statement.

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