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Get a Glimpse of the Top 10 Awesome iPhone Apps – 2008

The iPhone is a marvel in itself. However, it is the unparalleled App Store that has made the device revolutionary in the true sense. The platform has given chances to thousands of individual developers to display there skills by creating amazingly innovative applications for the device. Within this short period of time, the App Store has surprised iPhone users by offering more than 10,000 unique pieces of software.

However, in this article you will find a list of top 10 application that deserve appreciation from users as well as individual iPhone developer for their quality, innovation and of course for their groundbreaking achievements. From musical instruments to fitness programs and from games to mapping software – these applications have indeed won the hearts of million iPhone users across the world.

Google Earth


Price: Free

Google with their Google Earth iPhone app has been successful in delivering the world your pocket, virtually. With this amazing app you can view the high resolution satellite imagery of the world in a 3D globe. The Google Earth app truly exploits the power of the device. The application is available in 18 different languages across 20 countries. With a simple touch on your iPhone screen, get a magnificent bird’s eye view of any part of the world.



Category: Games

Price: $2.99

Trism is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and addictive games in the App Store. Its huge popularity has earned developer Steve Demeter $250,000 within two months of its release. It is in fact an amazing game that can keep you glued to your iPhone for hours. Trism offers an easy game control. You can move about the puzzle pieces by titling the device using the accelerometer. However, you can never measure its fun and excitement unless you play it yourself. So, if you still don’t have this app on your iPhone, tap on your iPhone screen and buy Trism Now!

To get this application click on the iTunes link below:


ategory: Music

Price: Free

Pandora offers the coolest way to listen to your favorite music from your iPhone. This free iPhone app is basically your personalized radio, where you can listen to music of your own choice. Specify the name of one of your favorite artiste, composer or songs and Pandora will please you by creating a radio station dedicated to their music and other similar music.

To get the application click on the iTunes link below:


Category: Music

Price: $0.99

As the hottest and the most sought after music application in the App Store Ocarina streams its way to the top app list of Apple. The app perfectly utilizes the touch-screen technology of the device and transforms it into a flute, which you can actually play. Blow into the iPhone mic and get the most melodious sound of ocarina. Play around the virtual holes on the screen and bring out the creative artiste in you.

Find the Ocarina application in the following iTunes link:

Tap Tap Revenge

Category: Games

Price: Free

Tap Tap Revenge, the extremely popular rhythm game on iPhone was originally developed after the Guitar hero. This unique rhythm game offers unlimited fun and enjoyment to the users. Tap your fingers on the blinking lights on your iPhone screen to catch the tune playing in the backdrop. Play with a friend, tap with the rhythm and win the game by scoring high. The developers have introduced an upgraded version known as Tap Tap Revenge 2 in the iTunes Store.

To get this application on iTunes click on the following link:


ategory: Music


It happens every now and then when we come across a song or a tune that we find extremely catchy, but cannot find it later as we surely forget its lyrics or singer or even the tune. Well, with the Shazam app there is no need to worry. This awesome iPhone Music app will help you to find detail information about the song or the tune you heard in the shop or at the bar. Run the app and hold your iPhone speaker to the source of the music; the app will immediately identify it and display information like the name of the album, artiste and the title of the song.

Find the app at the following iTunes link:

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  2. I think this may be Apples first major flop in recent years. Its just not really needed. Its a great idea and seems like another cool gadget, but I am just not compelled to buy one when I already have an iPhone and a laptop.


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