Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flight Control iPhone App: Get a Full Control over the Aircrafts

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Release Date: 26th Feb 2009

Seller: ndWare Pty Ltd © 2009 Firemint

Price: $0.99

Over the past few days several amazing apps had been launched in the App Store all over the world. However, some made it to the top list instantly while the others did not receive much appreciation from the users. The Flight Control iPhone app is undoubtedly one of the apps that were instant hits as soon as they were out in the store. This simple yet extremely stylish game that not only keeps you entertained but offers unlimited excitement and fun.

What’s the Game about?

With this amazing gaming application Firemint, the developers give you the finest opportunity to experience the world’s most stressful job as an air traffic controller. Well, the gaming experience is however, much more relaxing and enjoyable. As a natural and a prodigy, your goal is to control air traffic of the busy airport and help the planes to land and take off on and from the runway accurately. The more aircrafts you control successfully, the more points you will add to your total score.

The Simple yet Attractive Features

This incredibly simple yet amazingly engaging application will give you huge satisfaction and enjoyment even on one of your bad working days. Developers have used beautiful graphics and amazing animation to make the app more appealing to the users. Fight Control features 4 unique aircrafts, which includes helicopters as well. As you play the game, you can either enjoy the default in-game sound or can simply play any of your favorite songs or music from iTunes.

So, if you really want to see yourself as the commanding flight controller of the busy LA’s airspace, then tap your iPhone screen, go to the iTunes App Store and get the Flight Control app downloaded on to your device NOW!

It is the dream of every iPhone developer to watch their applications get accepted by the App Store and appreciated by the users. Well, to achieve it, all you need is passion and innovation.

To find more about this crazy game click on the iTunes App Store link bellow:

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