Thursday, December 18, 2008

Features and Facilities of the iPhone Google Earth Application

With the awesome iPhone Google Earth application your dream of carrying the Earth in your pocket will finally come true. Swipe your finger across your iPhone touch screen and get the most amazing birds eye view of the entire world. The Google Earth application is available in iPhone iTunes Store across 20 countries in 18 different languages. This free iPhone version of Google Earth works exactly in the same manner as the desktop version.
Features and Facilities of the iPhone Google Earth Application –

The application provides high resolution 3D aerial view image of any place across the world. With the Google Earth application now available in the App Store, you can enjoy all the facilities that the desktop version of the program provides. Following are some of the facilities offered in this application

• The Google Earth tool displays maps, images, terrains as well as night skies.
• With the Google Earth application you can access the Panoramio layer, from where you can browse through the millions of geo-located images from across the globe.
• The ‘Location’ feature of the Google Earth application allows you to fly across the location that you are currently in.
• The application also provides you the facility of viewing all Wikipedia articles related to geo-location.
• The best feature of the Google Earth iPhone application is that you get direct access to Google Local Search, which simplifies your searching to a great extent.

The iPhone application takes full advantage of the touch screen interface, accelerometer, and the built-in location sensor of the device. You can navigate through the application by making simple finger gestures. To pan an image, all you need to do is place your finger on the screen and drag. With the typical pinching motion, you can zoom in or zoom out.

This fascinating application allows you to take a full 360 view of the map. By making circular movement with your finger, you can take a perspective view of the location behind you. To view a map of any mountainous terrain you can adjust your view by tilting the iPhone. The application also utilizes the built-in location sensor technology of the iPhone that uses WiFi, GPS or the cell tower triangulation to determine your current location.

With this outstanding iPhone application, you can now fly over different locations in different countries and take a view of the terrain from various altitudes and angles. So, don’t waste time! Install the Google Earth application on your iPhone and enjoy the pleasure of world touring without spending a penny.

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