Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Urbanspoon application

Are you confused or fussy about choosing a restaurant? Or are you sick of going to same restaurants over again and again? Stop worrying! The Urbanspoon iPhone application has a solution for all these problems. With the Urbanspoon application on your iPhone, you can locate and gather all information about any restaurants situated in most of the North American cities and in cities like London, Sydney and Melbourne. The unique and fascinating application allows you to browse through thousands of restaurants and locate the exact restaurant where you want to take your family or friends for lunch or dinner.

About the application

The Urbanspoon application is probably one of the most popular downloads in the App Store. This free iPhone application is featured in iTune Store and can be easily launched into iPhone and iPhone 3G. The application offers extremely easy user interface. Application developers have designed Urbanspoon in a way that would fully utilize the touch technology and the built-in accelerometer of the device. You can select, navigate and browse through the application with a simple touch of your finger or by shaking the device. The Urbanspoon application uses the GPS to locate your local restaurants and give you a list of the ones that are most popular on Urbanspoon.

How it Works

The Urbanspoon application is unique in every sense. It offers a wide variety of features that optimizes your search to a lot extent. After you login to the application, it provides you a long list of cities, from where you can specify your desired location. You can either choose your location from the list or can type in the location and search. The Urbanspoon application displays the search result as soon as you select your location. It provides a list of neighborhood, types of cuisine and price range. To get the final result, you need to specify all these three sections and then shake the device, holding it tight in your palm. As you do so, the dials on the Urbanspoon’s slot machine spin around for several times and give you the name of a suggested restaurant. Incase you are not satisfied with the name; you can always shake the device and wait for a fresh result.

The Urbanspoon application provides you with detail information about the restaurant including its address, contact number, the types of cuisine they serve, the restaurant ranking etc. You can also view newspaper reviews and review from bloggers and even post you own comments. The new and upgraded version of the Urbanspoon application covers all the cities and towns across the US and Canada.

So, get the awesome Urbanspoon application installed onto your iPhone and get the ultimate experience of gastronomical delight!

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