Monday, December 29, 2008

The Night Stand iPhone application

The Night Stand iPhone application, since its launch has earned a lot of appreciation from worldwide iPhone users. Lately, the application has been getting a lot of attention from users and is considered to be one of the top utility applications on iPhone. The Night Stand application displays a gorgeous glowing digital clock that works as good as any other digital clock, if not better. This simple yet effective iPhone application is known to be best of its own kind.

The Night Stand free application not only turns your iPhone into the finest glowing digital clock, but offers several other utilities as well. The iPhone application developer, Piotre Gajos is an Apple Design Award winner, who has designed the Night Stand application exclusively for the iPhone to utilize the built-in technologies of the device.

Unique Features

The Night Stand application on the iPhone offers several special features that make the application stand apart from the rest. This native utility application is featured in your iPhone’s Setting. You can run this application directly from the iPhone Settings option. You can change and customize your clock setting according to your wish. You can adjust and The Night Stand provides a series of possible changes that you can make on this application. The digital clock is very bright and easily visible in the dark and from a distance.

The best part of the application is that it’s extremely reactive to the touch technology of your iPhone. The application automatically adjusts the image when you turn the device on its side. You can also change the color of the number displays according to your personal choice. The application allows you to set the clock in different ways; you can set the clock to show seconds, days etc. You can set it either as a 24 hr clock or can set it as the 12 hr repeat time table.

One of the best features of the Night Stand application is that it supports simultaneous mp3 playback. The application further provides an option, with the help of which you can disable the screen auto lock. It helps you to view your clock without getting interrupted by the screen lock.

So, with the unique Night Stand utility application, you can now see the time and at the same time listen to a soft and soothing music and eventually fall asleep.

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  4. I'm having a problem with this latest version. I try to play music, but when I then try to put on Night Light, the music shuts off. This didn't happen in the last version.
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