Monday, December 29, 2008

The Remote iPhone application

The Remote iPhone application converts your iPhone into a remote control, with which you can control the music playing on your Apple TV or in the iTunes on your computer. This unique and awesome application is very popular among iPhone users. According to Apple Inc.’s top application listing, the iPhone Remote application is on of the best entertainment application ever created for the device.

Launched in June 2008, the application instantly became one of the top 10 free applications available in the iPhone Application Store. The iPhone Remote application is not only exciting, but is extremely useful as well. Apples iPhone application developers have created this application to make full utilization of the hi-end technology of the device. The portable touch screen immediately transfers itself into an extremely powerful and sensitive remote control as soon as you run the application.

Awesome Features of Remote Application

At the time of installing the application on to your iPhone, you need to go through a procedure, which helps you to pair the iPhone with your Apple TV or iTunes. This whole procedure is a onetime job. Once you have made the specifications, you can use your iPhone as a remote whenever you need to.

The iPhone remote works exactly like any other remote controls. The application supports actions like play, pause, shuffle, skip and many more. With this outstanding application you can not only control the music playing on your iTunes Store or Apple TV, but you can also view the album art work, edit iTunes play list, create and even update Generous play lists and do a lot of other stuffs.

The most notable and unique feature of the Remote application is the Search option. By tapping few letters on you iPhone remote, you can actually get a list of contents from your iTunes Library including the name of the artists, name of the track, which movie it is from etc. The Shuffle mode helps you to locate and play your favorite song from the huge stock of music you have in your Apple TV. With this application you can also control and adjust the speakers of your Air Tunes.

With this outstanding Remote application installed in your iPhone, you can now enjoy all the benefits of wireless remote controlling from your iPhone itself.

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