Monday, December 29, 2008

The Price is Right application

The 35 year old top TV game show, The Price is Right, is now available on your iPhone! iPhone application developers Ludia and Freemantle Media, have specially designed the application for the iPhone gaming platform. The awesome Price is Right iPhone application brings out the excitement and thrill of the original TV game show onto your iPhone.

The application was launched by Ludia in the month of November, 2008 and since has been appreciated by worldwide iPhone users. Featured in the iTunes App Store, The Price is right application is considered to be one of the best and popular gaming applications ever created for the device. It provides extremely easy user interface and impressive graphics. The iPhone game is almost as good as the original game show, but of course has some limitations.

Game Features

The main objective of the game is to guess the actual price of various items. The Price is Right application offers 16 different pricing games from the TV game show, which includes Cliff Hangers, Plinko, Punch-A-Bunch etc. along with Constant’s Row, Showcase Showdown and Big Wheel. The application features two different game modes; Single Player Mode and Party Mode. To play on any of the game modes, you can either follow the “three strikes” method or the traditional method. In the three strikes method, between the Big Wheel and the Constant’s Row, you only have three losses, whereas in the traditional method you can get through everything in one chance.

The “Party” mode on the other hand enables you to play with your friend and challenge them. This mode allows you to challenge up to 4 players. The Price is Right iPhone application further features excellent theme music, powerful game sound and exciting announcer audio, which creates a real show-like experience for the players.

With The Price is Right application, you can play the popular game from anywhere at anytime on your iPhone. So, install the application now and start guessing prices and win fabulous prizes.

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