Thursday, December 25, 2008

The SimCity iPhone application

With the SimCity iPhone application you can now build up your own dream city on your iPhone. This unique strategy game has been developed exclusively for the iPhone and fully utilizes the multi-touch technology of the device. The SimCity application gives you the finest opportunity to setup an entire virtual city on your iPhone. It is probably one of the most addicting games featured in the App Store. This awesome SimCity iPhone application can keep you engaged for hours and hours.

With this unique and outstanding gaming application you can do things that you had never dreamt of doing on your iPhone. You can roam around the lush cityscape by making simple flicking movements with your finger. You can plan, build and manage your dream metropolis by doing simple finger movements like tap, touch, drag and flick. According to Apple, SimCity is one of the best paid applications in the App Store, which has been appreciated by worldwide iPhone users.

SimCity Features: Simply Amazing!

• The SimCity application allows you to create and built a city of your own choice. The application features 8 tool categories, which help you to plan, build, zone, bulldoze and overall mange your virtual city.

• You can control and play the game by touching, tapping, flicking and dragging. To view around the map you simply need to touch the screen and drag. By making simple pinching movements with your index finger and thumb, you can zoom in and zoom out from your cityscape.

• The application features three difficulty game modes along with the tutorial and the starter cities. These difficulties make SimCity more challenging and enjoyable.

• The SimCity application allows you to make corrections and reposition roads, houses or even change length and width of the entire zone very easily.

• The application further features roadway and railway public as well as private transportation. You can position them according to your plan and wish.

• The gaming application has been developed in a very realistic manner. In this game you have to actually make a budget before you start investing the money you have on your game account. It is a game that needs to be played very strategically.

• Power, Water, recycling and Garbage are some of the features of the public works management system of the SimCity iPhone game.

• You can also test the stability and the strength of the city infrastructure by implementing various natural calamities and disasters like Earthquake, Fires, Tornados, Toxic Clouds as well as UFO attacks.

The outstanding SimCity application is a lot more than just a strategic game. At the beginning, the game seems to be very complicated and difficult to play. But as you start planning your budget, visualize the city infrastructure and lay the first block, you will find SimCity to be one of the most addicting games that you have ever played on your iPhone.

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