Sunday, August 9, 2009

Type Drawing iPhone App - Drawing with Letter and Words

Category: Entertainment

Released Date: 4th July 2009

Seller: Hansol Huh © storyabout

Price: $0.99

Classified as an Entertainment application, Type Drawing is much more than just a simple entertainment tool. It’s an amazing iPhone application that perfectly brings out the creative ability of a user. Even if you are not a creative person or don’t have the ability to hold a pencil properly, you will surely find the Type Drawing app interesting and fully fall in love with it. This incredible application will allow you to create the funniest image you could ever think of with letters, words and sentences. Every user as well as iPhone app developer has appreciated Type Drawing for its simplicity and uniqueness.

Type Drawing is a super simple and incredibly easy application that can entertain you in the true sense. Drawing with letters is what the app is all about. You can start by simply typing a letter, word or a sentence that you wish to tell someone and then just simply draw something on your iPhone screen. This way you can create stunning typography artworks or even make amazing wallpapers. It is simply amazing to watch the words spreads across the screen following the direction of your finger movement. If you move your finger from left to right, the sentence will be written in the correct order, but if you do the other way the sentence or word will be written backwards and upside down. To flip over or around the letters simply turn your finger direction.

Here is a list of the main features of the Type Drawing application:

  • Type a letter, word or sentence
  • Select the font style, size, color and opacity
  • Select a background paper
  • Select a background from your photo album or take a snap with the iPhone camera and use it
  • Save your artwork and set it as your iPhone wallpaper or send it to a friend

The new version of the app offers some additional fonts, more color, text size control, clear drawing option, undo and redo (20 times), friendlier user interface and more. Type Drawing is such an application that neither iPhone developer nor users have created or seen before on a mobile platform. And thus is believed to be one of a kind app available in the App Store.

To download this app click here

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  1. A totally agree with you-it's an amazing application.Thanks for taking the time to write it.

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