Sunday, August 9, 2009

PhotoForge: The Best iPhone Version of Photoshop

Category: Photography

Released Date: 3rd July 2009

Seller: GhostBird Software © 2009 GhostBird Software

Price: $2.99

Ever since iPhone developer started to create highly sophisticated photography applications, many people have been dreaming of a Photoshop application that would allow them to do all amazing photo editing stuffs from the iPhone itself. Well, there is no point in denying that there are indeed quite a number of similar application already available in the App Store – among which only a few could come even closer to the actual software. GhostBird Software has managed to create an application, PhotoForge that almost imitates the original software. With this application, users believe that their wait is finally over.

PhotoForge is indeed one of the best photo editing applications iPhone users have experienced on their handsets so far. This incredible and powerful photo-editing application allows photo editing, applying filters and effects and provides all tools required to create illustrations and paintings right from the scratch. The app offers extremely simple and easy user interface consisting of a tool bar along with a tool customization bar placed at the bottom of the screen, which makes it easy to navigate. On PhotoForge, you will find different types of brushes, erasers and a whole range of color palettes.

This editing and painting application is highly optimized to run specifically on the iPhone and iPod Touch utilizing every built-in feature of the devices. On PhotoForge, you can do everything that you can do on your desktop Photoshop software – retouching, image manipulation, color correction and modification and add effects. You can further use the different painting tools to create your very own original artwork or can add a little touch to the existing photos and images.

One who is aware of Photoshop will find this application perfect, as it exactly replicates the original software. You can either start by opening an existing image or can simply start with a blank page and use it as your slate. Choose any of the tools featured on the screen and start experimenting. The tool bars at the top and the bottom slide off from the main screen while you draw, so that there’s more space for you to draw.

Not only users, but iPhone developer too find PhotoForge an extremely useful as well as entertaining app that rightly exploits the sophisticated features of the device. So, what are you waiting for? Get the PhotoForge app downloaded on to your iPhone and find out your creative ability.

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  1. I am a little skeptical of this app - how can a simple app duplicate photoshop functionality? PS is so very advanced. I have seen iphone apps that are simple drawing apps where you can paint similarly to MS paint, but these are for fun not for utility.