Sunday, August 9, 2009

Apple Plans for the Next-Generation iPhone Already!

It is not even a month since the iPhone 3GS was released and yet rumors already started to spread about Apple working on the future generation iPhone. In fact, it is one of the hottest news in the mobile phone industry. The patent office in the US apparently seems to be busy with the plans Apple is making for its next-generation iPhone. It seems like the mighty mobile is about to experience some major new additions – as per the latest news.

Users as well as iPhone app developers are quite happy with the news that Apple has already started working on the future device. They believe that the company will take care of all the issues that are coming up on the iPhone 3GS and will consider those while upgrading. Since the release of iPhone 3GS and OS 3.0, users are reporting to face some unique unexpected problems that they couldn’t have imagined to experience on a sophisticated device as the iPhone. Therefore, this news came like a ray of hope to the people highly disappointed with Apple’s recent releases.

However, there have been a lot of speculations regarding the new additions that are likely to come with the new updates. The new patents show that the company is planning a lot of changes starting from real world object identification ability to face recognition and smarter message handling functionalities and much much more.

Like the Point and Find plans of Nokia, Apple plans to create iPhone’s object identification, which would be used for spying at different things starting from ads to shops and providing users with full information about what’s going down. For this, the device is likely to use something similar to RFID tags and bar codes, which would undoubtedly offer every iPhone developer an incredible opportunity to create killer applications for the App Store.

Even though, Face Recognition is not a very new concept on smartphones, Apple plans to make it a little different from what users have experienced so far. According to Apple’s plan, the iPhone will use the user’s face as the security device. Which means only the owner of the device will get access into the phone (probably over a front facing camera). This feature also points at a tighter iPhone integration with iPhoto, which is already packed with similar smart technologies.

Lastly, the smart messaging feature will allow users to see unread messages as well as missives from people they are about to call.

Well, what Apple really has in mind is quite hard to find. But, it seems that the company has huge plans for the future iPhone, which will surely take mobile phones to a whole new dimension. Good news for iPhone app developer and users!

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