Sunday, August 9, 2009

Poor WiFi Reception over iPhone 3.0 – the hottest news in the mobile world

Since the release of Apple’s iPhone 3GS and OS 3.0, many users have come up with few issues regarding the new handset and software upgrade, which they complain to face. For the past few weeks, the only news about Apple’s new releases that made headlines was the issue of its battery overheating and discoloration. Well, it is indeed a huge thing for Apple, but recently the issue that has taken the center stage is the poor WiFi connectivity users are experiencing on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G that has been upgraded with the OS 3.0.

Well, this could actually lead to a larger problem and might directly affect the popularity of the device. Some users have reported to experience flaky WiFi connectivity on their 3G models after upgrading their iPhone operating system to 3.0. Users of the new-generation iPhone, which already has the 3.0 OS, also said the same. Although nothing specifically has been declared, this however, indirectly points at the software upgrade as to be one of the major sources of the problem.

iPhone 3G users, however also admitted that they experienced WiFi connectivity problem even before upgrading the operating system - but upgrading it to the latest version has in fact made the problem even worse. Not only users, but iPhone developer have also reported that WiFi connection seems to have decreased over the new upgrades particularly at places where users will have to login through web-browsers.

Users have taken up this issue so seriously that over the past few days, this was the main topic of discussion on the Apple discussion boards. On this discussion board there has been quite a few threads that are dedicated to this specific problem. The poor WiFi connectivity seems to have affecting users of all the models of iPhone with the new software upgrade.

What’s surprising as well as suspicious is that Apple had promised an increased battery life for the new device when running on WiFi. Therefore, the issue of poor WiFi connectivity has indeed put iPhone developer and users into great dilemma.

Since Apple Inc. has never so far disappointed its customers, we can expect some really impressive solution to this problem very soon.

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