Sunday, August 9, 2009

Celebrating the First Birthday of the App Store!

11th July was indeed a huge day for Apple, as it celebrated the first birthday of the App Store. Even though this was the official release date of the store, Apple started celebrating the grand success of its enormous application storefront since 7th July. Last year on the same day Apple launched this remarkable store, which in undoubtedly changed the way people looked at iPhones and iPod Touches and bought a revolutionary change in the mobile phone industry. The store also opened-up a new horizon for iPhone developer by providing them finest platform to showcase their creativity and take user’s experience to a whole new level.

A year ago, Apple created an application download center in the iTunes Store, which offered huge collection of outstanding applications to be downloaded on iPhone and iPod Touch. Since the App Store went live on iTunes, its success and popularity has grown to explosive proportions. Within a year, the store received 1 billion application downloads from all over the world, which was indeed a record breaking achievement for Apple. Well, the contribution of every individual iPhone app developer cannot be ignored. And without a doubt, the company has shown its gratitude towards the developers for creating those incredible applications and making the App Store the most popular and successful application platform.

With more than 50,000 unique, entertaining, useful, convenient and fun-filled applications, the App Store has something for everybody. No matter what you are looking for, the store is sure to have an application that would perfectly fulfill your requirement.

As a result of the App Store success and the release of Apple’s SDK (Software Development Kit) for the iPhone operating system, the need for iPhone app development companies and individual iPhone developer has risen quickly, steadily and consistently over the year. However, iPhone application development today is considered as one of the most successful and profitable professions all over the world – thanks to Apple! Cheers to Apple on the very first birthday of the incredible App Store!

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