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iYamato iPhone App – Grab All Your Weapons and Fight Till the End!

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Released Date: 25 June 2009

Seller: Geppetto Inc. © 2009 Geppetto Inc.

Price: $0.99

iYamato, with its top notch graphics and sound has successfully established itself as one of the most exciting shooting games users have ever experienced or iPhone app developer have ever developed on and for the iPhone platform. This amazing game allows you to play as the flagship of Yamato, the Japanese Combined Fleet that fought during World War 2. Originally, Yamato and Musashi, her sister ship were formally commissioned in the latter half of 1941. These were the largest as well as heaviest battleships ever designed and were armed with 18.1 inch main guns. So, you can very well imagine how much powerful action you will experience on this exciting iPhone application.

iYamato recreates a devastating battle field, where you fight your enemy with the unsinkable battleship Yamato. The application has a unique approach, which is not usually seen in Western video games. Since you play the game as the Japanese in World War 2, you fight against the Americans and their Allied forces. The gameplay however, is quite simple. The battleship is armed with its standard guns, which has unlimited ammo. Yamato is also armed with larger and extremely powerful cannons, which can be reloaded within seconds. All you got to do is use these weapons well and defend yourself from the waves of enemy fighter planes, blimps, bombers and other aircrafts.

iYamato offers unique mechanism and amazing game engine. When hit and damaged, your ship will start sinking either from the bow side or the stern side depending on the part where it had been hit. To fire, you need to simply tap on your iPhone screen. Tap on the left and the right button on your screen to fire antiaircraft artillery and tap the central button to fire the cannon in order to destroy larger enemies or huge forces.

Here are the main features of iYamato:

  • 3 unique difficulty level: Easy, Normal and Hard
  • Outstanding visual battle
  • Perfect sound effects
  • An exceptional Tutorial that will addict players and glue them to the game for hours
  • 3 different scoring models: Personal Record, National Record and World Record

Developers Geppetto Inc. further promises to bring some amazing added features to the next version of iYamato like new battleship downloads with new range of weapons as well as several new enemies and items.

Every iPhone developer dreams of developing an application that would not only satisfy users, but will be appreciated by all for its overall performance. And yet it seems that Geppetto Inc., while creating iYamato hasn’t left a single gap.

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