Sunday, August 9, 2009

iPhone 3GS Battery Issue Concerns Users, Developers and iPhone Lovers

For some, the iPhone 3GS upgrade may be wasn’t that great, but for the people who genuinely appreciate the device, the news of an improved battery life was more than welcomed. People were started building high hopes and expected to see some amazing improvements on the iPhone 3GS. Not only users, but every iPhone developer believes that this powerful battery will encourage them in developing more sophisticated applications for the iPhone platform.

Apple, while commenting about the battery life of iPhone 3GS said that the device would run 9 hrs if used on WiFi, 10 hrs if played video files and 30 hrs if listened to music. Whereas the previous iPhone 3G get only 6 hrs of use on WiFi, 7 hrs for video playback and 24 hrs for music. This announcement was indeed very encouraging for every iPhone user and iPhone app developer as it promised to take the iPhone to a whole new level.

But, it seems that the iPhone 3GS battery quite disappointed the anticipating users and developers. The new device does not seem to offer much in terms of better battery performance. Many users, from different countries complained about a drop-off in the battery life of the new iPhone 3GS. Initially people thought that this was an initial set-up problem, which would dissolve within few days. But, as they started using the device, it appeared that it is indeed a serious issue. Most users say that the battery of iPhone 3GS is possibly worse than the battery of iPhone 3G.

After much analysis and tests, it is concluded that the problem is not with the battery –the defect lies with the iPhone OS 3.0. software upgrade. This accusation is reconfirmed after many iPhone 3G users complained to face same problem after upgrading their iPhone with OS 3.0. They say that the software degraded the battery performance of their handsets. Specialists assume that the new software is somehow unable to work efficiently and applications are therefore requiring more powers to run than usual. They say the iPhone may not be supplying as much power as it is required to run varied programs. Another issue, which might be the cause of the poor performance, is the presence of more “vampires” in the operating system that’s sucking the battery life. Push-notification is one such feature that most people suspect of eating up most of the battery life.

However, Apple is aware of this issue and is working on the upcoming 3.1 update to the OS, which will surely be free of such flaws. Good news for users and iPhone developer!

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