Sunday, August 9, 2009

Apple Tablet Coming Soon – Developers Might Face Challenges

If asked, every single iPhone app developer across the world would speak high of Apple and its unparallel development tools. These tools are indeed of first-rate and thus take application development to a whole new height. Apple’s enormous App Store is undoubtedly the biggest application store front in the world, which serves as an ideal platform for iPhone developer to showcase their creativity and talent. Through this store, developers get a chance to present their applications to the users - quickly and easily. And above all, developers get a target market for their products that’s not only huge, but is growing by the days.

However, it seems that the uniformity of the target market might get a little affected. On Friday, Apple Insider reported that the company is now working on a new Apple tablet computer, which will likely be released early next year. Apple’s move to build a strong team of mobile chipset developers and the purchase of PA Semi last year surely affirms the report of Apple Tablet Computer in making.

Apparently, this new release might seem to bring some interesting changes in the world of iPhone, but the truth is that if Apple rolls out a tablet computer, it is likely that building applications for Apple’s portable devices, including iPhone and iPod Touch will become more complicated and difficult. Developers of the all the 65,000 (and above) iPhone applications believe that consistency is the biggest advantage of developing applications for these devices.

The Apple Tablet of course, has an upside for developers as well, which until now seems to outweigh any drawbacks. Apple, for quite sometimes has been warning iPhone developer about the changes that might occur in screen size and resolution of their current work platform. A Tablet computer is sure to put all the different applications, which includes games, news-browsing apps, social networking tools, entertainment etc. on a bigger screen. This change would undoubtedly glue users more to their iPhones, as the quality and visibility of the displays would be enhanced with a wider screen.

Even when many mobile companies are now coming up with different iPhone-like devices, Apple with their huge and fast sale of iPhone (3G and 3GS) and iPod Touch, doesn’t seem much worried about the downfall of its products.

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