Monday, August 10, 2009

The Best Ways to Get Your iPhone Apps Rank on Apple’s Top App List

It is the dream and ultimate goal of every iPhone developer getting their applications rank high in the App Store. With more than 65,000 apps distributed over 20 different categories the App Store is the biggest mobile application storefront in the world. Hence, getting an app up on the store is not an easy task. Well, in a megastore as big as the App Store, the only secret to success is getting your app noticed by Apple and of course by the users. Developers must make their apps interesting, attractive and impressive so that it stands out in the crowd and draw the attention of every individual iPhone and iPod Touch users.

The best way to grab user’s attention is to get an application rank on Apple’s application ranking lists, as they are regularly visited by users to search and find apps of their choice. Apple ranks both free and paid applications on the basis of their number of download. Every iPhone app developer targets at getting their applications to the top 25 list, which is displayed on the first page of the online store, when users access it from their iPhones. The next 25 listed applications can also be viewed and accessed from the device, but the rest of the apps within the top 100 list can be accessed only through computers. 100 is the maximum number that Apple considers for ranking.

Here are few tricks that would help you to get on the top 25 list:

  • Word-of-mouth campaign according to experts is the best way to grab attention. They say that the debut week of an app’s release is the crucial time for building interest and a good reputation in order to get noticed. Apple gives 50 promotional codes to the developers for their apps, which they can use to distribute among tech bloggers and influential reviewers.
  • Advertising is another affective way to get noticed. If you are ready to invest then advertise your application over the Internet and on other iPhone applications through the different ad networks.
  • When you submit an app to the App Store, make sure to set and mention a target release date.
  • Creating free demo version is also a good idea for promoting an application. Many iPhone developers build free trial versions for their paid apps. These versions are commonly labeled as “lite”. This way people will be more interested in your app and finally when they get addicted to the app, they will automatically upgrade to the paid version.
  • You can also draw user’s attention by offering introductory price cut for your apps. This will surely get your app more number of downloads.

However, there are several other techniques and tricks as well, which will help iPhone app developer to get their apps rank high on Apple’s top application list.

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