Sunday, August 9, 2009

iCam iPhone App – Your Very First iPhone Webcam!

Category: Utilities

Released Date: 8 July 2009


Price: $4.99

iCam is undoubtedly one such application that will never leave your iPhone once downloaded. At first the app might seem to be unworthy, ordinary or overpriced, but as you go through its varied features and unique functionalities, you will simply fall in love. iCam is by far one of the best Utilities application that any iPhone developer has ever created or any iPhone user has ever experienced. iCam is basically a video streamer through which you can stream videos and audios directly from your computer’s webcam to your iPhone – it’s convenient, fun and extremely cool!

The way the iCam application works is also very simple. You start by downloading a source, which is free from the developer’s website. This file can be run on both Mac and Windows. After downloading the file, you will find a setup screen displaying quite a few numbers of different options. The first thing you should do is select your camera and create a unique ID and password for it. Now, you simply need open the iCam app on your iPhone, enter the password and you are done! Once you get over with the whole process, you will find your webcam working perfectly on your iPhone.

One of the best features of the iCam iPhone app is that it allows you to stream live videos from a maximum number of four different webcams over WiFi, 3G or EDGE, which makes it perfect to be used as a baby monitor, security cam, pet cam, nanny cam or even a spy cam. The application splits the screen into four parts and each of which can be connected to different webcams allowing you to stream in videos for different sources. But if you wish to see only one of the displays, you simply tap and get a full-screen view.

The audio streaming feature is the first major update that has been added to the iCam application – which has indeed enhanced the usefulness of this utility tool. Audio streaming to your iPhone is a bit laggy at times as due poor network connectivity, but it is a feature that surely adds on to the success and popularity of the app.

Now here is a great deal! With an additional $0.99 you can add a push support to the application, which will allow the app to provide you with notification indicating the movement, whenever any of the cameras sense motion in its field. With all of these and more, iCam is sure to become one of the most popular and useful apps in the Apps Store – not just among the users but in the eyes of every iPhone app developer as well.

To download this app visit here

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