Sunday, August 9, 2009

The JavaScript Performance of iPhone 3.0 is Far Better than What Apple Claims

Apple has always been accused of having a tendency to hype about the speed of its devices by giving just the right benchmarks and using the right products while comparing. But, surprisingly the company seems to act a bit differently when it comes to its two new releases – iPhone 3G S and OS 3.0. It looks like Apple has quite underestimated the capabilities of the updates as far as the speed is concerned. Well, this is not an assumption; mobile analysts, users as well as iPhone developer believe that the speed they are now experiencing on the device is far better than what they had experienced so far.

A mobile analytic and advertising company did a comparison test on iPhone 3G S as well as the 3G S, with both the old and new operating systems. The company ran the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark on both the devices to measure the speed differences. The test revealed that the processor speed almost tripled on the iPhone 3G with the OS 3.0 and the iphone 3G S, which is built-in with the upgraded operating system, is three times faster in completing the SunSpider benchmark test.

But what’s more interesting is that the new iPhone 3G S only takes twelve times as long as a 2GHz Core 2Duo MacBook to complete the benchmark test. Even though this difference may sound huge, it is confirmed that at this rate users and iPhone app developer are yet to see some incredible performances on the next-generation of mobile phones.

It is not necessary that this benchmark would correlate directly into a far better user experience, but it is really good to see that even the iPhone 3G users will experience significant speed gain with the operating system upgrade. This would surely put iPhone developer in a much advantageous position, as they can now develop more sophisticated and complex cross-platform compatible web applications that would run smoothly on the iPhone and would not be interrupted by the inefficient performance of the mobile browser.

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