Monday, March 16, 2009

Task PRO: My Best iPhone Task Management Application

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Release Date:
7th March 2009

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Price: $2.99 (discounted price)

$4.99 (regular price)

I have an acute problem of forgetting my daily tasks; be that in my home or at my office front. I have tried to keep a track on my routine in various ways, but never really succeeded. But with the introduction of this amazing iPhone application Task PRO, I can now list and manage my everyday task with ease and comfort. Although, iPhone developer from different places had created quite a number of similar apps before for the iPhone platform, I find Task PRO to be the most convenient and easy to use application.

Great news for the ones who intend to buy the app immediately from the iTunes App Store! The application is available for $2.99 as an introductory offer. The normal price of Task PRO app is $4.99. So, don’t miss the chance! Even though the application had been released only a few days back, it is doing very well in terms of downloads and popularity. As a user you will find the Task PRO application extremely convenient as it can takes full control over organizing and managing your tasks. From simple To Do List to multiple complex projects; Task PRO supports all.

The powerful mechanism of the Task PRO iPhone application support full sub-tasking, flexibility to be used for any sort of listing, allows full screen landscape editing and many more. I can even sort and group my tasks either by alphabetical order or by due date. The app further will help you to add new task, check off completed tasks, add notes and many more things. You can also create multi task list for your own convenience; one for your work and one for personal tasks.

However, I find Task PRO extremely convenient and useful. With a simple touch and tap of my finger, I can now create my daily To Do List and keep a track on my daily tasks right on my iPhone.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link:

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  1. If you want to fully sync your tasks between your mac, PC, and iPhone using the same open standard that iCal (mac) and Mozilla Sunbird (PC) use, then check out eTask on the app store.

    eTask allows you to view, edit, create, delete, and sync your tasks on several popular Groupware (e-mail) servers. Currently eTask supports: Kerio Mail Server (KMS), DAViCal, Oracle Beehive, Cosmo Chandler, Yahoo, and SOGo.

    If you don't have a Groupware server account then you can create a free account on Yahoo (see the web-site FAQ page for details). Once setup you can use the web-interface of the server, iCal/mail (mac), Thunderbird/Lightning or Sunbird from (PC) to view and modify your tasks. Modifications to your tasks are automatically synchronized between all clients so you never have to take extra sync steps through iTunes or other special software.


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