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Tap & Track: Track Your Calorie, Weight and Exercise; All from One App

Category: Health & Fitness
Release Date: 19th March 2009
Seller: Nanobit d.o.o © Nanobit d.o.o
Price: $4.99

Whenever I think of downloading an app on my iPhone, the first category I look for is Health & Fitness, to find the newest addition that would help me reduce those extra calories and fat and keep me fit. Over the years I have, indeed, come across some really good fitness apps. But, the problem was that I had to shift from one app to the other to keep a track on my exercises and diet plans. I believe, that Tap & Track is the best health & fitness app any iPhone developer has developed till date.

Thanks to the developers of the Tap & Track application, I can now keep a track on my calorie intake, weight loss and exercise all from a single app and that too with few simple taps. On 19th March 2009, Nanobit Software released their first application for the iPhone platform. Tap & Track became an instant hit as soon as it released in the world market.

What Does the Tap & Track App Do?

The Tap & Track app will allow you to keep a track on your calorie by calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and finding the daily calorie needs of your body based on your gender, age, weight and height. The app also considers the type of the job you are into and applies the very well-known Harris Benedict Equation while doing the calculations. The application features can be divided into 4 parts; Food, Exercise, Graphs and Report. You will find the app very easy and pleasant to use. You can find the food list, the exercises, the graphs and of course the final report by simply tapping the iPhone screen with your fingers.

The well-organized food groups featured in the application will help you in selecting the food items as quickly as possible. If you want to make some changes in your list or edit some of the food values, you can choose the edit option and customize according to your choice. The built-in USDA database contains more than 7000 food items, which you can access from your iPhone through the application itself. You can further save and add any of the listed food items to your own list.

Food calorie tracker, daily weight tracker, burned calorie tracker, diet plan organizer, daily BMI calculator, setting goal weight, viewing and editing of calorie and exercise logs, SI and US unit support and viewing of nutrition data (protein, calorie, fat, carbohydrate and Glycemic index) are the amazingly useful features that you can enjoy on the Tap & Track application.

Problems Mended

However, there were, in fact some drawbacks in the previous version of the app, developers while designing the .1 version of Tap & Track have tried to solve all the problems such as; bug fixes in graphs and during the editing of items in the “Quick Add Workout” and “Quick Add Meal”, OS 2.2 support and so on.

To check out the Tap & Track app, click on the iTunes App Store link bellow:

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  1. I like that it gives you a daily summary of the nutritional facts of everything you've eaten. So if you have a target amount of protein/fat/carbs, you can easily see what you need to eat more of that day. It's easy to add new foods, and it helps make you accountable for what you eat -- the cornerstone of any healthy eating plan. Great app!

  2. It's such a convenient and easy to use application. Whether you are an expert at tracking your diet or a beginner tap & track can be used by anyone!

  3. When I go on the first page and add food. It doesn't subtract it from my calories and show what I have remaining. I can't figure out why. Help!!

  4. I've needed to lose 20 pounds. I've loss 12 pounds since I've had this app....early August. It keeps you on track....very good stuff

  5. It would be good if you could choose to track Kjs as opposed to calories.

  6. I am trying to find information on food score, but to no avail. Can anyone tell me what the number means? What's good? What's bad?

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