Monday, March 16, 2009

Talking Spanish Keyboard Email: iPhone App: Your Personal Pocket Spanish Guide

Category: Utilities

Release Date: 10th March 2009

Seller: G.P. Imports Inc. Software Development © GP Imports, Inc

Price: $0.99

Are you traveling to a county where people predominantly speak Spanish? Need a Spanish guide to help you with the language? Or do you simply want to impress you Spanish friends by sending thenm emails written in Spanish? Don’t worry! GP Imports Inc. has come up with a unique Talking Spanish Keyboard Email iPhone app that will help you to communicate in Spanish from wherever you want to. On iPhones there are certain apps that you may not use pretty often but if you don’t have the app, you would surely miss a lot. Talking Spanish belongs to this category. This unique app turns your iPhone into a virtual Spanish keyboard that can talk!

The Talking Spanish Keyboard Email app is featured under the Utility application in the iTunes App Store and is available for only $.0.99. You can use this app to type Spanish from your iPhone. This unique app talks aloud whenever you press any key. This will help you to understand whether you are pressing the right key or not. Often iPhone users face the problem of tapping on the wrong keys while writing emails or messages, as the screen and the buttons on the screen seems too small. Keeping this in mind the iPhone application developers have added voice effect with the app.

iPhone developer and users, both have widely appreciated the Talking Spanish Keyboard Email app since its release on the 10th of March 2009. The app allows you to type your emails in Spanish. You can use the app when you are visiting any of the Spanish speaking counties or when you are talking to somebody who only speaks Spanish or you can also take full advantage of the Talking Spanish Keyboard app just to impress that special someone.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link:

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  1. I havent tried this app, but since I spent ages finding a spanish course for my iphone that I liked I thought Id share my experience with other who are looking to learn spanish too.

    Im using "iCaramba Spanish Course" ( to actually learn the language. It suits me great.

  2. Also, for additional phrases Im using a couple of phrasebooks and dictionaries. The phrasebook I like the most is "Talking Spanish PhraseBook".

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