Thursday, March 5, 2009

SoundRemote iPhone Application: Surprise Your Friends with Amazing Sound Effects

Category: Lifestyle

Release Date: 4th March 2009

Seller: Jonathan DE CESCO © Jonathan DE CESCO

Price: Free & Paid Version ($0.99)

SoundRemote is a very simple yet extremely entertaining iPhone Lifestyle application that you can use to have fun with your friends, families or colleagues. This awesome application turns your iPhone into one of those remotes that create different sound effects as you tap the buttons. With the SoundRemote iPhone application, you can now scare your friend with the sound a loud fire alarm or a hissing snake or even the buzzing noise of a bee. The application is released in two versions; free and paid. The free version of SoundRemote features only 3 low volume sounds while the paid version ($0.99) features more than 30 amazing sound effects with maximum volume.

SoundRemote: Its Unique Features

The unique and innovative features of the SoundRemote application have been widely appreciated by individual iPhone developer as well as iPhone users from across the world. The application features three unique options; Play it Now, Play it 10 sec Later and Play it using a remote command website from your PC or another phone. To get the best effect, you can set the exact time when you want the sound to be played. Sound of fire alarm, mosquito, bee, snake, dog, cat, fly, bomb explosion, applause, shrieks and screams, car crash, gunshots and fart are some of the most popular sound effects that are featured in this application.

You can do the following steps to control your iPhone SoundRemote from your PC.
• Enable your iPhone WiFi connection.
• Point the web browser of your PC to your iPhone WiFi address. The application will automatically provide you the address that you should use.
• After connecting, hit the “play” button.
• The iPhone will play the sound even if you do not touch it.

So, to have some fun with your iPhone and surprise your friends with weird, scary and loud sounds, all you need to do is download the SoundRemote application on your iPhone and hit the buttons.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link:

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