Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bobby Carrot Forever Application: The Much Awaited Bobby Carrot Game is Now on Your iPhone!

Category: Games

Release Date: 9th March 2009

Seller: FDG Mobile Games GbR © FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co KG

Price: $4.99 (a free version is also available)

Rating: 4+

Bobby Carrot Forever is a fun filled, adventurous and attractive puzzle game that you can enjoy playing on your iPhone. The application takes you to the fantasy world of Bobby, the riddle hare. Colorful graphics and simple yet attractive gameplay makes Bobby Carrot Forever one of the must have gaming applications on your iPhone. Bobby Carrot is actually a very popular German mobile game developed by FDGSoft. The Bobby Carrot Forever application is the fifth and probably the final series of the game that developers have now released on the iPhone platform.

Game Play

The main idea of the game is to guide Bobby through 72 amazing tractor driving and spike crushing levels while he collects all the carrots featured in each of these levels. You make your way to the next level by collecting all the carrots from the previous level. There are several obstacles and traps that will prevent you from collecting carrots and moving to the next level.

The game has 6 different worlds with exciting treasures and tracks that you can explore as you make progress. On these 6 fascinating worlds you can glide through the glittering snow fields, cross a lake on a water lily pad and fly across the landscapes and canyons holding your kite. To reveal secrets and get bonuses use the tractor. You can further use your gold pieces to buy different items to make your journey pleasurable. At the end of the game you will have 6 golden carrots and the magic memory paintbrush with which you can draw a perfect picture of your dream that you will remember forever.

Game Features

• 72 exciting game levels
• 6 worlds
• Several amazing sound effects
• 17 audio tracks of high CD quality
• Cut scene option
• Touch and swipe control
• Updated zoom mode
• Automatic screen rotation

Fans of Bobby Carrot and even new users will simply love the Bobby Carrot Forever application. This awesome game can keep you engaged for hours and hours without you getting bored or tired. All iPhone developer and iPhone user across the globe have appreciated this application and voted it as one of the must have games on every iPhone.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link:

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