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Chuck the Ball iPhone Application

Category: Games

Release Date: 17th February 2009

Seller: Makeshift Games © 2009 Makeshift Games

Price: Free

Rating: 4+

Chuck the Ball is a fun filled innovative game that only iPhone users can enjoy playing. Makeshift Games had developed this amazing game exclusively for the iPhone platform. Released on 17th Feb, 2009, the Chuck the Ball application has already been appreciated by iPhone users from all over the world. This is the kind of game that everybody will fall in love with once they start playing.

On the Chuck the Ball application, you can actually check the pace of your thought process and action. You have to think very fast and quickly tap and swipe your finger on the screen to solve the puzzle before time runs out. Although the user interface and layout of Chuck the Ball is similar to that of Pac-Man or iChase, this game has something new which makes it stand out from the rest.

The Gameplay

The main idea of the game is to guide Chuck, the ball in any direction you want to and collect as many stars as you can without hitting any of the obstacles. You have to finish collecting all the stars in each level before you run out of time. As the player your target would be to collect all the stars making fewer moves and taking lesser time. You will be awarded a gold star after finishing each level successfully. You can move the ball by swiping your finger over the touch-screen of your iPhone. Chuck will move into the direction of the arrow that you create by swiping.

Game Features

• The application features 145 unique levels of puzzles and mazes.

• Three exciting game levels; Easy (15 mazes), Medium (40) and Hard (45). The first level is in fact quite easy to master. But as you reach the Medium and Hard levels the game becomes challenging and really tough to master.

• Each difficulty level features gold, silver and bronze medals as awards.

• Bonus points are awarded if you finish the levels before time.

• You can further add bonus time to your already allotted time by rolling the ball to the clocks displaying the + sign. Be careful! The clocks with the – sign will deduct your time if the ball, by mistake runs over it.

• The game features obstacles like; spikes, blocks and round blocks and many more.

• Chuck the Ball further features a built-in level editor that allows you to customize your own game levels.

The Chuck the Ball application is not only popular among the users, but iPhone developer from all over the world have acknowledged its uniqueness and originality. So, if you are really into puzzle games and want to experience something new and innovative, then you must check out this unique and original puzzle, Chuck the Ball application available on your iPhone.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link:

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