Monday, March 16, 2009

Realize your Day Dreaming with the iDaydream iPhone App

Category: Entertainment

Release Date: 9th March 2009

Seller: Brian Smith © 2008 Brian Smith

Price: $0.99

iDaydream is one of the most innovative and relaxing entertainment application that you can ever think of having on the iPhone. After the amazing Koi Pond, iDaydream is the second app that has made me feel so relaxed. Since its release on 9th March, 2009, the app has not only been appreciated by the users, but every individual iPhone developer and iPhone app development companies have praised it.

The iDaydream app is absolutely like what the name suggests. With this app I can create a world of my own on my iPhone screen. I can literally “daydream”. The iDaydream app turns my iPhone into a virtual sky. I can simply swipe my finger over the screen and create clouds that float around and change shapes every now and then. I can further control the direction and speed of the wind and the turbulence level

to change the clouds. Moreover, I can enjoy the soothing sound of the breeze and the occasional chirping of the birds. It simply creates a mesmerizing ambiance.

Ultimate Relaxation

The app features 4 different sky modes and 4 foreground sceneries. A clear blue sky with puffy white clouds, a sunset sky with purple and orange clouds and a dark night sky with the moon and starts are what the app offer. I can enjoy all these effects in the backdrop of lush hills, city skyline, snow capped mountain or behind the beautiful palm trees. With a tap I can change the clear blue sky into a grey sky with dark stormy clouds and occasional thunders and lighting. On this app I can also create little cloud figures with my finger and watch it float with the clouds.

I certainly believe that the iDaydream app is a must have entertainment application for every iPhone user. It really helps to sooth the nerves and free your mind from every tension and every negative thought. With the iDaydream app I simply stare at my iPhone screen just to take a break from my work and relax for a while.

To check out the application from the iTunes App Store click on the following link:

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