Thursday, July 9, 2009

Poor Performance of the iPhone 3GS Battery – The Argument Continues

Lately there have been a lot of rumors regarding the poor performance of the iPhone 3GS battery. A lot of users of the previous device have complained that they are experiencing very poor battery performance on their iPhone 3G models after installing the OS 3.0. Well, some people complained that their iPhone 3GS battery lasts only for a day or less, while others reported that they are quite satisfied with the battery life, which lasts for at least 2 to 3 days even after heavy use. Even iPhone developers have reported to find the battery performance of iPhone 3GS a bit disappointing. The truth is however, yet to reveal.

According to some people the iPhone 3GS battery is simply incredible, as it lasts longer than its predecessors. However, they did admit that it took them 2-3 trials and almost a dozen OS updates to get it work perfectly. One user reported that his iPhone battery lasted for 2 or 3 days even after he transferred about 300MB data and talked for nearly 3000 minutes. The user further admitted that as he uses the phone for official work, he constantly requires proofing of large PDFs and using different applications in order to manage offsite servers and FTP to track the file transfers and uploads. And yet his iPhone 3GS battery has never disappointed him.

In contrast another user is likely to be very dissatisfied with the battery life of his new iPhone. She said that even after charging it for nearly 6 to 7 hours, her iPhone was charged 92% and was still charging. The only time she said her iPhone battery was fully charged when it was synced with her Macbook. The user further complained that while she was listening to music on her way to work, which is nearly around 35 minutes drive, the battery dropped to 71% when it was unplugged from her car’s 3.5mm audio jack. She also said that the phone got heated even after using it for few minutes.

Well, this for and against argument will continue until Apple open its mouth. This strange behavior of the iPhone 3GS has really put every iPhone app developer in deep thoughts. They fear that this flaw might affect the overall sale of their applications. However, it has been recently reported that the company is working on this aspect and is expected to come up with a solution very soon.

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