Monday, July 20, 2009

“a bugs defense” – become a pest terminator and impress Lucy

Category: Games

Released Date: 3 July 2009

Seller: Celestial Digital Entertainment Limited © 2009 Celestial Digital Entertainment Limited

Price: $0.99

Released on July 3, 2009 “a bugs defense” is indeed an incredibly entertaining and fun-filled game available in the App Store. This amazing iPhone application is designed to run perfectly on the new device and rightly exploits the features of iPhone OS 3.0. “a bugs defense” is an app that helps you to become an expert pest terminator, who successfully destroys all bugs and insects in the house. With finest graphics and impressive animation, “a bugs defense” has won the hearts of almost every iPhone user around the world.

You play the game as a pest terminator helping Lucy, the leading character in the app to free her house from the creepy crawling bugs that tries to invade. To help Lucy clear her house of bugs, you are equipped with different kinds of tools from the utility store that any pest terminator would use in real life. You weapons for terminating bugs include:

Your Weapons

Honey Gun: The Honey Gun, which sprays out honey, is extremely useful to slow down the speed of the bugs. Once the bugs are slowed down they become your easy target.
Anti-Bugs Laser Gun: This laser gun will help you to kill all the bugs in one straight line. You need to use it wisely as it’s very powerful and effective.
Insecticide: Point the insecticide spray at a bug and press the knob to see the bugs die instantly. While using this weapon, you should cover your nose, as it’s very strong indeed.
Still if all these weapons fail, simply use Lucy’s stopper or your fingers to squash them.


Developers have used simple user interface to make this application more enjoyable. Tap on the weapons and drag them to the main screen area and start the battle. Lucy’s parent agrees on paying you good amount of money for helping their daughter in this mission. The more bugs you kill, the more money you get paid, which you can use to upgrade your weapons. To get more money for new weapons, you can sell weapons that you do not require.

Lucy has a bug phobia and will faint if she sees more bugs entering the house. So, get your guns and sprays ready to attack the bugs and impress Lucy, so that she agrees to go out with you on a date.

“a bugs defend” is an amazingly interesting and entertaining application that even every iPhone developer has appreciated for its simplicity and addictiveness. To find out more about the features of this incredible app, simply visit the iTunes Store and buy it NOW!

To download it click here


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