Thursday, July 9, 2009

Apple’s View on the Issue of iPhone Overheating

Whether the rumor of the iPhone getting overheated is true or not is not yet confirmed, users and iPhone app developers are quite worried about it. Apple, as always is not ready to take any chances. The company has taken this issue so seriously that it has revealed the presence of a temperature warning screen for both iPhone 3G as well as iPhone 3GS. The issue came up when few people reported that their iPhone 3SG models are getting heated even if used for a little while. Not only that, even iPhone 3G users, who upgraded their phones with the new OS 3.0 said that they are too experiencing the same problem.

It is true that a few iPhone models are getting affected by overheating in such an extent that their white cases are turning pink or even brown in places. This discoloration is specially observed around the battery area at the backside of the device. However, in compared to the total number of iPhones in use, only a few have made such complains. Most of the users are quite satisfied with the new device and are busy exploring its sophisticated features.

Apple, however, has issued a support document (warning), which warns users not to do few things like keep the iPhone in environment (specifically in parked cars) where there is a chance of the temperature exceeding 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Apple further warned that while using CPU intensive application such as using the GPS or playing music, the device must not be exposed to direct sunlight, as it may overheat the iPhone as well. In this case, even using the iPhone in temperature, which is over 95 degree, can also trigger the temperature warning of the device. Apple’s warning says: "Low- or high-temperature conditions might temporarily shorten battery life or cause the device to temporarily stop working properly,"

This is however, a bit weird as in many places around the world the temperature goes above 95 degrees during summer. Which means, as Apple admits, people using iPhones in those countries will always experience this overheating problem.

Apple also warns iPhone 3G and 3GS users about keeping their devices away from the environment where the temperature can drop below -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoiding using the iPhone in a temperature below 0 degree Fahrenheit is also recommended by the company. Apple says, in these situations the device might act strangely – it may stop charging, the display might dim, users may experience poor cellular signals and the warning screen may appear on the left side of the screen. According to Apple’s support document, both iPhone 3G and 3GS has some sort of built-in temperature sensor.

Well, what will be the solution to this problem is not yet revealed by Apple, which leaves iPhone developers and users quite disappointed and

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